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Soumatch — It’s a new approach to dating based on spiritual chemistry. A match that focuses on the quality of a person’s character and belief — the things that matter most to you.

Soulmatch will:
  • Review each profile answer and photo submitted carefully to ensure it meets our guidelines.
  • Reject profiles that insult, malign, defame, or abuse others, or that use vulgarity, profanity, or show insufficient respect for others.
  • Enable members to hide their profile so that it does not appear in other people’s search results. (coming soon!)
  • Enable members to block contact from a particular member. (coming soon!)


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Emphasis on spiritual compatibility

Soulmatch lets YOU decide what’s important in finding a match.

Normal dating site features: profile, messages, “sparks” (flirts)


This is a great site for singles who are really serious about meeting someone for a possible life-long commitment. It has a very serious code of conduct, and a great emphasis on spiritual compatibility!  CREATE YOUR FREE PROFILE NOW!


I wanted to let you know I will no longer need your services!

I have met a wonderful man through your site and I am officially taking myself off the available list. I will recommend your site to any of my friends that may need a little helping hand finding that special someone. Thank you for being there…
– Terri K

I was only a member for a short time, less than 2 months, and there “he” was! From the beginning there was a spiritual connection. We both agree that we have met our ‘dream’ mate. We are planning on getting married in a few months.

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