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Ask Dr. June – November
  I met a great guy online and it seems to be getting serious. We’ve talked for hours over a course of six months, and are planning to meet in person next weekend. What advice do you have?
Must Have Online Dating Tips
  Have you ever thought of meeting people online? If so, meeting people online can be great fun. Online dating has given us the opportunity from our comforts of our own home to search for that someone. Let your common sense prevail when searching online and do not let your instincts lessen when making your decision. Please see the dating tips below which will make your search safe, a lot of fun and most importantly successful.
Online Dating Safety Tips
  If you’re smart, these point will become your checklist and eventually a habit.  Remain anonymous – do not reveal your real identity, email address, home address, telephone numbers, your birthday or your place of work during your early days of communication.
8 Deadly Dating Mistakes To Avoid!
  Are you dating or in a serious relationship? Did you realize that very often we make the same dating mistakes over and over again? I’ve compiled a list of dating No-nos which will help you identify a possible problem that you can work on to improve your dating experience.
5 Ways to Having Your Best Internet Dating Profile Possible!
  You are finally biting the bullet and decided to try internet dating. You have narrowed down to one or two sites that your friends have recommended that you try where they are having success meeting people. Now it’s up to you to write your internet profile. That’s the hard part!
Online Dating Services Not Just For The Younger Generation Anymore
  If you’re over the age of 40, you may not think the online dating scene has very much to offer you. But you would be wrong!
Christian Singles. Looking For Good People
  Are you one of the hundreds of people that are looking for a great way to meet Christian singles? If so, you may be frustrated and overwhelmed at the same time. There is no doubt that many people in our world just can not meet the right type of person to fill their dreams.
Diving Into The Online Dating Pool
  Looking to spice up your single life a little?, add some romance?… or maybe find that perfect love connection?
Reasons For Trying A Online Dating Service
  Tired of the same old people at the same old places? Or worse, tired of the lack of any people anywhere? Do you think if you hear Aunt Jane say one more time that she has someone she wants to introduce you to you’ll scream?
Three Mistakes To Avoid When Writing An Online Dating Service Profile
  After four years of reading more than 10,000 profiles of men and women looking for a partner through online dating services, I’ve laughed at my fair share of poorly written introductions. Of those 10,000 online dating service profiles, no more than a dozen captured my attention enough to make the first move.
Three Keys To Wonderful Dating Experience
  Forget the flowers and the scent. To improve your chances of both finding a date and then having a really wonderful dating experience, probably here are three key dating tips that start at home.
Online Dating – A Great Way To Meet Your Soul Mate
  Online Dating or Internet Dating is very well known these days and it is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience and advantages. The first and foremost advantage is that you can contact matches without your real identity revealed and avoiding the embarrassment if it doesn’t work out. You will also get to meet people you would otherwise never get the chance to encounter.
The Dating Game
  With all the websites on the Internet that offer a membership to meet and talk to people that match the criteria that you are looking for, you are bound to find someone worth dating. The question becomes how can you tell if someone is being honest.
Dating After Divorce: Things To Think About Regarding Dating After Divorce
  Dating after divorce is a much debated topic due to the psychological and emotional impact it can have on people. Dating after divorce can be complex, too often divorcees don’t consider the ramifications of dating after divorce before they jump into it with both feet!
Dating First Time With Your Date
  Meeting your date first time gives a range of emotional feeling in your mind which will be so thrilling and also terrifying. Dating with a singles for the first time will make a lot of chemistry changes in our body. At we give a dating articles in how to tips what will help your first meeting with your date go smoothly:
Where Do We Find True And Lasting Happiness?
  For the longest time I was convinced that I was not happy unless I had a partner to share my life with. I just knew that having someone to share glorious sunrises and romantic sunsets would make me happy.
Dealing With Dating Anxiety
  Life is stressful as it is and adding relationships to the mix can play a very negative role on your anxiety levels, especially if you already have a habit of developing panic-stricken attacks when it comes to love and dating.
Dating For The Single Parent!
  Are you single again? Getting back into the dating scene after being away from it for a while can be tough. Tougher yet if you have kids involved. A few years ago some friends of our’s went through a divorce. Over time Kelly started to express her loneliness and how she was considering getting back into the dating scene.
Wow, Grandma Is Dating!
  When Lena, 52, began dating, her son, Paul, joined the same dating site. Together, mother and son set out to find love. Lena’s family was concerned for Lena. After 30 years of marriage, she was very vulnerable. What did she know about dating or sexually transmitted diseases? Lena knew one thing: love does not have a best-before date.
Dating A Professional Single
  At one time or another and maybe in some people’s cases all the time we’ve dreamed about dating a rich guy or gal. You know the successful lawyer or doctor or the on the edge entrepreneur. It’s that perfect scene we play in our head that allows us to see things just the way we want them to be but in reality dating a professional single may not be quite so picture perfect.
Why Receive Christian Pre-Marital Counseling?
  “Love is long suffering, and is kind; love has no envy, love is not boastful, love does not behave itself inappropriately, seeks not its own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil, rejoices not in injustice, but rejoices in the truth; love bears all things, believes everything, endures everything” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).
Caution Date Safe
  It is indeed surprising that when polled almost 35% people could recount at least one incident when they went on a date to a lonely place in a vehicle that was not their own with a person they were dating for the first time.
First Impressions
  Speed dating events are the newest rage in town. After all, meeting some twenty odd people in the span of one evening has to throw up some good prospects. Dates stretch from a miniscule three minutes to a loooong ten minutes and at the end of it every single out there has ticked off his or her choices.
Warning Signs He/She May Not Be The One
  We’ve all looked back on past relationships and said, “What was I thinking”. Problem is, you weren’t thinking. You were caught up in the chemistry and the wonderful feelings of the moment that you chose to overlook some warning signs that there may be trouble up ahead. Here is a list of things to look out for when dating:
Dating And Doors
  Has it been a while since you have been out on a date, or maybe you haven’t been able to get a second date after your first date fiasco, this article is written as a refresher course into dating etiquette and for your learning more about what your date might like.
Finding Someone Special
  Browsing through the personal classifieds can be quite frustrating if you really don’t know what qualities or the type of personality it is that you are searching for in the person you are seeking, or in the relationship you are seeking.

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