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Ask Dr. June – the relationship expert.

November Questions:

I met a great guy online and it seems to be getting serious. We’ve talked for hours over a course of six months, and are planning to meet in person next weekend. What advice do you have?

Answer:   First of all, be safe. Even though you may have spent hours talking to this man and feel as if you know him, no one really knows someone completely through an internet relationship until they have met him/her in person.  Make sure you bring your cell phone and let several friends or family members know where you will be meeting. Also, be sure to meet at a restaurant or other public place for the first time.

Secondly, take it slow. Give yourself time to really get to know him in person. Spend time with his family, friends, etc. . .Find out who he is and how he interacts with other people.  It would be a great idea to go to church with him and find out how he interacts with the body of believers. If he is involved with a ministry at his church, attend it together and support him.  Meet his pastor, and his Christian friends.

Finally, have a great time! Hopefully your internet / phone relationship will turn into a lot more—maybe even someday wedding bells will be on the horizon. 

God Bless,

Dr. June


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