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Dating First Time With Your Date
By: Albert Arul Prakash Rajendran

Dating first time with your date – Some Dating tips about what you need to do

Meeting your date first time gives a range of emotional feeling in your mind which will be so thrilling and also terrifying. Dating with a singles for the first time will make a lot of chemistry changes in our body. At we give a dating articles in how to tips what will help your first meeting with your date go smoothly:

1) Be on time!

Timeliness is first tip in making your dating experience to go smoothly. Timeliness is expected by other singles with whom you date that day. Being late or too early will create a bad impression on you in their mind. Not always we can be on time but sometimes it goes out of our control. How to avoid such situation with your first date. Communicate them. In our friendship articles on “Making Friendships Last” we have said that communication is a key for successful friendship. That point applies to dating also. Call them before the expected arrival time and tell them about your delay in meeting them. this gives good impression on you that you are serious in the date.

2) Personal Checks!

This is a tip mainly for men who is going for the date. Before going to meet your date / friend check yourself first. Below is the list that you need to check on you before meeting your date

Fingernails are clean or not
Hair style and neat
check your cloths are properly ironed
shoes polished
Any odors are under control.

Girls who are into dating with you checks these things because this creates the first impression on you. Your physical impression is more essential than your mental impression in your first date.

3) Appearance

As said for men there is a tip for women too. That is appearance. Guys may not look at your hair style or clothing style but they will see your appearance. If your look is not pleasing your first may be your last date with him. So how to check your appearance. have a simple makeup which must not be done overly. Mild perfume will help you in attracting his attention on you. Be simple on your first date.

4) Don’t go to crowded places

Why are we going for date with another single. What if your date got attracted on other things than you. Dating is about to get to know each other better and to talk and understand about your date. First time dating is meant for knowing each others. When you go to movies or theatre s/he may got attracted on others than you which may spoil your dating experience. In a crowded place there is a chance that you can’t get to know each other well.

5) No over communication in first date

To know more about your date you need to ask some questions but be sure that you are asking the questions which you want to ask. Overly asked questions and answers will make other personal to loose interest in having further dates with you. So keep it simple and smooth. Moreover dating is more than a interview. Don’t talk yourself always, Give a chance to your date also.

6) Keep surprises about you

Want to talk more with other date. Give some surprises. Don’t allow your date to get to know all about you in first time itself. This makes your date to loose interest. Keep secrets about you but give a hint about it. Create interest on you by secrets so that you get their attention not only in the first date but for further dates too. Guys tend to check more about girls life and girls love to know about secrets and try to uncover them.

7) Keep something common with your date.

Before going to first time dating, you be know each other through online dating/ friendship sites. with the help of those you may know a little about your date. so have something in common which creates interest for talking. Best method to have interesting topics will be from magazines, newspapers. read them to get some common topics which creates way to know more about your date. Always try to find common things that both can share.

8) Never argue with your date

Always keep an open mind especially with your date. if you always argue with everything in first dating it creates bad impression and interest. Saying so is not saying yes to everything that your date says but give places where you differ, alternate ideas. if you don’t know something ask them.

9) Never get excited with first date.

One important tip for the first time dating friends. it is never get nervous/ excited. You may get excited but don’t show them to your date. Calm, confident looks is very appealing than a nervous, excited look

10) Have lot’s of fun with your date

Have fun with your date. For that only we are dating with others.

Above are some tips which are said, there is a lot of dating tips which helps you in your dating. Dating tips may help for some and not for some. Tips which are said are of general members in mind. successful dating experience depends on the situation not with any other things. So use the dating tips with care.

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